15 Crazy reasons to get more sales in 2020

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15 Crazy reasons to get more sales in 2020

Use the Corona Virus Pandemic to benefit your business and generate more sales

Here you will find 15 crazy reasons why you should take your weekend markets and small business online and get more sales, today! Yes, no need to wait.

Coronavirus/Covid19, everyone is talking about it, it is everywhere, worldwide! Everyone share information on Social media, it is on TV, news, Twitter, blogs and even memes about it, if you turn around people are talking about it. Everyone is freaking out about this worldwide pandemic that hit the world. Some people even fear that world markets are going to crash. 

And everyone is buying all the paper? Huh?  Yes, even Miss Mollie the Dachie is a bit confused by all the shopping. 

No better time than today why you should start to think of taking your business online and the more reason to start an online store, this will enable you to get more sales.

Are you worried about the impact on your business?

People were asked to self-isolate after travel, some isolates voluntarily and some not by choice.  Everyone is scared they will get the Corona Virus. In most countries, you can't go out to do shopping. This sounds so scary and you think it is time to be worried?

If you are not concerned you are not human.  But now is the time to sit and thin and ask yourself, what can I do today to prevent me from being concerned.  This is exactly the right time to take action and get your business out there! Start generating more sales.  People are sitting and home, unable to go out to do shopping, what will they start to do now?  Sit on their phones and computers and start to turn to online shopping.  People that didn't rely on online shopping before will now have to rely on online shopping.

How can you increase your sales in this pandemic?

How exactly can I do that you ask? How do I get more people to know my business exists or even generate sales? Well, it is easy, start an online shop. Start to sell your products online. Why would this benefit you? Do you ask yourself? Here are some reasons why you should take action and do it today. Take action now.

15 Crazy reasons why you can sell more in this crazy time.

  1. You can sell more with less effort.
  2. Spend more time on marketing without even leaving your home.
  3. Save money by spending less on printing business cards, pamphlets, and flyers.
  4. You love what you do! Spend more time creating products and less time going out driving and setting up a market stall.
  5. As a creative person, building your own website is way easier than expected
  6. Use a user-friendly platform like Shopify to get your mobile-friendly website up and running in no time.   
  7. Link your social media platforms to your website and generate more sales.
  8. Keep your clients up to date on what is happening in your business and your plans.
  9. Get more sales from your clients you used to get from temporary shops or brick and mortar shops by targetting them online.
  10. Sell to their friends and families without getting them at your physical store.
  11. Build a lasting relationship with clients and provide them with products they love to buy and you love to make.
  12. Personalize your website and grow your brand.
  13. Connect your Social media platforms to your website and get your Social media clients to buy directly from your new website.
  14. Easy to generate a mobile-friendly website. Don't you just hate it when you visit a website and you struggle to use it on your phone? Use a platform that is easy to generate a desktop and mobile-friendly website.
  15. Easy to modify, you can even update or make changes from your phone. No need to get to your laptop before you can make a change.

Get support from local clients and other local small businesses

Your products are locally manufactured and not imported from China. Lately, locals reach out to their local businesses and campaigns to support local businesses and service providers.

What to do next

You will agree with me, no matter where you are and what products you sell, you need to start that online eCommerce store that you always wanted to have. Click on the link and find out that it is easier than what you think, take the next step.

Click here and get a 90-day free trial. You can set up and start using your website within 24 Hours.  If you need any assistance, you welcome to contact me.

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