2018 Top 3 Scariest Things in Digital Marketing

2018 Top 3 Scariest Things in Digital Marketing, Not Having a Blog, Not Having a Social Media Accounts, Not Having a Website -

2018 Top 3 Scariest Things in Digital Marketing

Halloween is approaching! Have you prepared for the next chapter of your business? If you feel like you are doing perfectly okay by managing your business offline, then you have to think again. The marketing trends has changed in the past years – the influence of digital marketing is so big that if you missed incorporating this in your campaign is equivalent to losing sales in your competitors.

This 2018, what are the scariest things for your business? Visible Website is here to list down the things that you need to have this year:

1. Not Having a Website

not having a website
Yes not having a website. Having a website is very important nowadays. It helps you promote your business 24/7. Through your website, you can reach potential customers non-stop. All you have to do is to make sure all the needed information by your potential clients are there so the website is useful on their visit.

Website Tips

Just because you have decided to launch a website means you’re already good. There are still things you need to double check with your website. Here are some of the things:

- Meta title
- Meta Description
- Optimized Images
- Optimized Speed
- 301 Redirects
- Keywords Inclusions
- SEO-Ready Content

2. Not Having a Social Media Accounts

Not Having a Social Media Accounts
Your business social media accounts serve as extension of your website. Through fans and followers, you can connect and promote your business from time to time. These social platforms can also lead you to new potential clients. These also have their own ads platform where you can promote your products and services.

Social Media Tips:

Like setting up the website, after you created the account, it doesn’t mean that the social media efforts stop there. You still have to work daily to grow your fans, followers and authority. Here are some of the things that you should take note:

- Daily Updates
- Images Sizes for Optimized Visuals
- Variation of Content Posted
- Scheduling of Posts
- Using of Correct Hashtags
- Efforts in Growing Fans

3. Not Having a Blog

Not Having a Blog
Yes content will always be the king. One way that you can keep your website updated and getting crawled by Google and other search engines is through feeding it also with fresh content regularly. You can always keep a content calendar that can help you organize your content and continuous update with your blog page.

Blogging Tips:

Just like setting up the website and social media accounts, the efforts in blogging do not end after you have published your post. Here are some of the things that you should consider:

- Getting your post indexed
- Share your new post in your social media accounts
- Consider having content variation: text post, image, videos, infographics

Stop being scary! Fix this things to soar higher especially in the coming holidays. If you do now know where to start yet, Visible Website is here to help you with your spooky situation!