2019 Content Checklist by Visible Websites

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2019 Content Checklist by Visible Websites

Content Checklist and the advantages of completing a website audit/check.

2019 is just few days away. Have you done an audit of your website elements yet? We know that a lot of our readers are in their startup phase when it comes to setting up and developing their websites. On-site optimization can be done by yourself, you will find when you implement the information in this blog, it  is easy to implement and very handy. Not too hard to follow.

Visible Websites is committed to share our knowledge with everyone, because:  “Knowledge is power”. We created this guide to help our fellow business owners recheck and make the necessary changes on their end, so they can start the year with big impact and have a website, that will rank better.  This will be possible, by having the basics in place.

Here are the basic website layout elements that you must check:

Meta Description – Meta Description is the small snippet that appears in the bottom of the search results. It is important because this is the information that someone will see first when they look at your page.  First impression lasts. It is also important for the search engines to read a quick summary of the content of your page and if that is the information your client is looking for.

meta description

Page Title – Page Title is the information on your webpage that is located slightly above the Meta description. This is also referred to as the title of your page or blog content. It appears in the search browser when you click the results and open it in the new window.

meta title

Page URL – Page URL is the exact address of you page or blog. It is important for both users and search engines as it determines if your link is legit. Some hackers and blackhat element may create a weird URL to lead you into other pages. That is why it is important to keep your URL readable/legit and understandable.

Page URL

Headings – Headings are the title of your page or blog. This is the summary the client can quickly scan through and know instantly if this is the content is they are looking for. Search engines also reads it the same way, and determine if the information is relevant or not.  If it is not relevant, they will skip your page and find the next page that is more relevant. If you do not have the specific keywords the search engine will assume it is not relevant.


Body Text – Body text is the overall content of your page or blog. This will be crucial in keeping your readers on your website. Are they getting the information they are looking for on your page? Are they finding your content valuable? If readers do not find the information they are looking for.  They will just continue searching. This way search engines can easily determine if people stay on your website or do they bounce quickly to another website, because they did not find what they were looking for. When this happens it will automatically reflect in your bounce rate statistic, you will be able to see that in Google Analytics.  Content are the most important part of your website. If it is not on the page, it does not exist.

Body Text

Images – Images are added visual content in your page or blog. People can appreciate this but search engine can’t tell whether you took the best photo, you used the best camera or tools.  The only way that you can make search engines find your images is by making sure is by adding alt tag to the image. People love images and also the search engines. Because a image can tell a thousand words.


Sub Headings – Subheading comes after the heading. It can help break up long paragraphs or sections in your content into quick and easy readable bits which makes easy to read. When you take your bulk content that is long and hard to follow, you break up your content into by sub topics, headings or categories to help the readers understand it the information better and may even result in a lower bounce rate which is a good sign for the search engines.  Because a search engine love relevant information and making it easier for the user.

Sub Headings

2019 Content Checklist by Visible Websites

Hottest tip of the day

Correcting all of the above on your website and this will give you the best start your website will have in 2019.  The perfect start for the new year and the search engines will love your website and be able to put the most relevant information in front of their users in the shortest possible way.  If the clients love it, the search engines will take note and add it to their favorite list.

Need help?

If you need help and further assistance, please feel free to contact us, by clicking on the contact us link, send us an email or you can phone 0450217653. Remember we also started off by not knowing everything.  “The wisest people on earth are those who ask questions”.