Are you looking for some inspiration for your next website? In this page we have compiled all our previous website projects. In the past, present, we have worked with various industries and in the future, we commit to work for more – we look forward in building your website!


Here are some examples of our previous designs:

Imagine Then Arise Website

Combination of Services and eCommerce

imaginethenarise website mockup

Dach Love Website


Dachlove website mockup

Visible Websites Website

Combination of Services and eCommerce

visiblewebsites website mockup

Here's our sample sites:

We created these samples websites to enable you to have a visual idea on how your business will look online.  You can choose one of these designs and we will insert you graphics, information and images to personalise it according to your personal business brand and feel.  By choosing one of these options, it will be the quickest and most effective way to get your website designed and published within a week or two.


Why Create a Website?

In this digital age, having a website is important whether your business is big or small. The challenge to some website owners are a mobile friendly website.  That is the most important aspect of a website, you need your website to be neat and user friendly on a mobile devise.  As so many people google on their mobile these days people rarely use their laptops or desktops to google.  You will loose possible clients and money daily, if you don’t have a website that can represent you online 24/7. Websites serve as medium in bridging your customers online to your business. The web has opened a lot of opportunities for all to extend the business’ promotions in a new level of marketing.


Processes we follow?

The listed websites above are just samples of what we can do. If you don’t have one now, we will help you. If you already have an existing one, we can also help you by tweaking and improving your current setup. We will make sure that the guidelines for web design are followed.

We make every website SEO-ready; meaning from the website itself, the on-site elements are already optimized for the future process. We also carefully doing keywords research to make sure that only keyword-rich Meta titles and descriptions are used in your website. This will be easier to complement the off-site strategies in the future.

Flexible Packages Available

As we have mentioned, we create more than just websites. We focus both in the design and usability of the website. We don’t just create website; we create website that sells.

We know that the one website varies from another so pricing may not the similar with all. Our packages tailored for you will help you better with all the pricing inquiries you may have now. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

What’s next?

The brand building and lead generation doesn’t stop in the day you put up your website live. It will take some time that you need to work out on its visibility. It is the most important factor that every website owner is aiming for – visibility. With all the diverse strategies that Visible Website offer, you are assured that your website visibility is on its way.

Visible Website creates more than just websites. We are making it sure that every website we make live is SEO ready, adhering the latest trends and guidelines and comes with full functionality so your customer will experience and optimal website-friendly content and navigation.  After launching your website, we can also stay and check the updates and maintenance of your website. This way, you will have to worry less when the time comes that you needed to update your website.