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If you have a website, it does not mean that the website is a Healthy and effective website.  That is why we want to assist you to do a Health check on your website that may help you to establish if your website experience issues that cannot always be seen with the naked eye.
There are so many factors that can have a negative impact on your website performance.  It will have an impact on the visibility and performance of your website for search engine optimization.

Top 10 factors that have an impact in 2019 on your website performance/health

1.  Content and structure

Headings on the page are more than just visual structures in the websites. They can also be helpful when it comes to the technical side which they human eye can see. If your website does not have content, headings, and structure, it can have a negative impact on your ranking. At Visible Websites will guide and help you to use the correct layout and structure on your website.

2. Tags and descriptions

Tags are crucial in the search engine results pages. Are you taking advantage of this feature? Set up effective titles, tags, and content with enriched keywords these components will help your website with ranking and also assist to increase the visibility of your website.

3.  Images

Images are visual component of your website. But sometimes the way you see it is not the same the search engine sees it. They read images by alt tags and they load images with size. If you fail in these departments, your user-experience may also be affected. Visible Website is here to help.

4.  Videos

Not only do images add to the visualization of your website, but videos also play an important part and can make it fun and interesting for the user.  Yes, it is fun and while your visitors have fun browsing your website, the search engines also take this in consideration when their bots crawl websites to rank them.

5.  Internal and External Links

Internal linking is important but don’t overdo it! You may get too excited with the linking of your pages and miss the part of adding value. Regularly check broken internal and external links. 

6.  Broken Links

Links are good but only when they are life. Broken links can create a bad impression on both people and search engines. Regular audit and checkup can help. Make sure your pages are linked correctly or redirected properly, and build effective internal link building strategies. 

7.  Website Speed

Website speed measures how fast your website is responding to visitor’s requests. If it loads slow, visitors will not stay on your website and will leave your website. As a result, you are losing their interaction and result in a higher bounce rate which can send a bad impression in the search engines also. That is not the worst part if your visitors bounce off your website, this means that you will lose possible clients and possible sales.

8.  Website’s Responsiveness

Visitors are not just accessing on the desktop version of your website. You may be surprised that there is a huge percentage of the user that are accessing web pages via mobile. Make sure that your website is mobile ready when it comes to this.  

9.  Social Media

Last but not the least, Social Media also plays an important part in the ranking of your website, while Google does claim that Social media and the interaction on your social media platforms do not have an impact on the performance of your site, we want to differ.  There is evidence that it did play a big part in the positioning of your website on search engines.

10.  Mobility

Is your website mobile friendly?  Can people use your website on the go, on their mobile devices?  Will this be a positive or negative experience?  People will leave your website if they cannot use it on their mobiles.  This will also impact your bounce rate and ranking.

These 10 points listed above are only a few factors you have to consider and make sure are working properly on your website. To achieve the optimal potential of your website, you must consider its health first.

Sure these are technical issues, but it doesn't mean that it can't be fixed.  Some are easy and quick to fix.  But it is not always very straight forward.  Visible websites have a reputable and competent team that can assist you to rectify the onsite and off-site challenges.

Visible Websites is a complete digital marketing agency which can help you in the initial setup, developing your website, search engine optimization and even assist you with your Social Media and Graphic Design needs.

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