Virtual Assistance Services

What is a Virtual Assistant?

What is the functionality of a Virtual Assistant?  A Virtual Assistant and often also referred to as VA's can assist business owners with various tasks. These tasks vary from simple administrative tasks such as data entry, multimedia creation or other digital marketing tasks. In simple terms, any tasks that the business owner is willing to outsource can be handled by a Virtual Assistant.  If you need one extra set of hands or multiple sets of hands, there is a VA or VA’s ready to help you.


What is a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants can be a very important tool for online business owners. They can help you with basic tasks like responding to customers inquiries, general typing, data entry, sending or filing of documents, tedious administration tasks, scheduling appointments, social media posts, creating marketing blogs and much more.

Whatever tasks you don’t have time for, your VA can step in and take the task off your hands and assist you with it.  They will surely become the heartbeat of your business. Examples of other industries that hugely benefit by using VA services are Digital marketing agencies, website developers, real estate, healthcare, and even some professional services.  If there is a task you can delegate, your VA will be the one taking it off your hands and get it done.

Visible Websites Virtual Assistance Services

Virtual Assistants are classified in various types. Visible Websites can provide you with your virtual assistance needs.

General Business Support

General VAs

These are some of the basic tasks that our VA's can do for you. These tasks are what most business owner’s needs. These are data entry, email management, transcription, and accounting. While your VA takes care of your basic tasks for you, you can concentrate on the things that are important to make your business grow.

Some businesses need vast support that requires both online and offline tasks. These are what some businesses would require. Included are online customer support for chat, email, and voice. Appointment setting, lead generation, and reputation management.

Blogging VAs

Blogging VAs

Our Blogging VA’s can help you with digital marketing. We have a team who can help you market your business online. From writing, publishing, and posting of your blogs managing your email marketing campaigns, we got you covered.

Offline Marketing VAs

Offline Marketing VAs

Online marketing is trending but this doesn’t mean that offline marketing is dead. VA's for offline marketing is still around. Tasks included are graphic design, copywriting and event support. These traditional methods can complement your online marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Support

General Business Support

Our Social Butterflies will help you keep your Social profile active and interactive and building relationships with your valued customers while you concentrate on generating new relationships with customers that need your personal attention.  In other words, we will take care of all your social media platforms for you on a professional basis and keep your audience engaged with your business and products.

Why Choose Visible Websites?

Why Choose Visible Websites

Visible Websites knows that there are things you need assistance with.  Our VA’s are available full time or part-time. Whatever your needs, we can accommodate your needs. We are flexible with the number of hours per week your business requires. We will ensure that our team of Virtual Assistants is assigned to individual businesses and they help you with the tasks that they love and they know best. This way, work-life balance is also practiced and you receive good results.